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Ethanol..The Meaner, Greener, Cleaner, Energy Source!

The Uses of Ethanol
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Ethanol is used is many different products ranging from perfumes to explosives. The most popular use of ethanol alone is in the automotive fuel industry. There are cars that run off 100% ethanol or fuel mixtures containing part gasoline and part ethanol also known as gasohol. It is mixable in all proportions with water and most organic solvents. Ethanol in the presence of an acid catalyst makes an ethyl ester. The two most used ethyl esters are ethyl acrylate and ethyl acetate. These are used to make up such products as paints, coatings, adhesives and the most popular household product is nail polish remover.  In Brazil all the fuel for cars has at least a 24% ethanol content. You can even get 100% ethanol if your engine is designed to run on the alcohol. Ethanol is used worldwide and known mostly for getting people intoxicated. Many social gatherings around the world involve ethanol in the form or beer, wine and liquor. Although it may be classified as a depressant, the early effects of ethanol intoxication are loss of inhibition, (Doing things you wouldn’t normally do when not under the influence) more cheerful, talkative and if the body is exposed to too much, vomiting and nausea occurs.

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